Singer of songs. Writer of words. Chai tea enthusiast. C.S. Lewis fanatic. Happy to be alive. Humbled to live for Christ.

I’m an 18-years-young worship leader and all-around music nut residing (for the next few weeks) in Parrish, FL. The way God has woven himself through the fabric of history and of the universe inspires me to write songs. The passion He’s placed within me causes me to sing them. Sometimes I sing loud, but I’m not even apologizing. My God is greater than all. Here’s to Kingdom come.



One thought on “About

  1. Cassidy, it was a pleasure to meet you at the Hibernia youth concert. Your song speaks to my heart at the perfect time. We all have some decisions that are sometimes difficult to make, mine has been regarding entering into ministry. In the last week, God has answered prayers and opened a clear path for me to start Liberty Univ online and complete my degree in Christian counseling. I’ll be leaving my full-time job and trusting completely in God’s resources to sustain my family. I enjoy this song ans Still You Love Me via YouTube. I hope you have a blessed year at Liberty!


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